Reports - restrict date range

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Is there a way to restrict the date range on reports with the gantt view? i.e. I only want to see the next 3 months, next 9 months etc.




  • Hi, how about trying a formula in a checkbox column such as =IF(Start1 < TODAY() + 90, 1, 0)  You can then configure the report to filter for that checkbox being ticked only.

    You will need to enhance the formula to take into account tasks that start within the 90days but finish beyond it.

    Repeat the process for 9 months etc.

    Hope that helps


  • DB

    Thanks Mick.

    Yes I've considered using formulas to create a workaround as you've done using if and today statements, but the requirement is slightly different than what you have in mind and won't work for a few reasons.