Copy&Paste with relative predecessors

edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics


I have a schedule (created from Project template (aka Gantt chart)) where I have a section which is repeating several times in the schedule. Inside of a section I have dependencies linked using Predecessor field which do not point outside of the section itself. You can imagine this as an agile sprint schedule where tasks are relative to each other inside of the sprint and no task depends on something outside of the sprint.


What I need is to copy & paste several of these sections (sprints) into one schedule, preserving "relative predecessor" inside of the section (sprint). When I do this using the classic copy & paste I always end up with "absolute predecessors" where predecessors of tasks inside a section points to tasks in the section I copied from.


Is there a way how I can copy & paste several sections preserving relative predecessors inside of a section ?


Thanks for any hint, Jan