How do I attach one smartsheet to another?

edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics


I am trying to place an entire Smartsheet page as an attachment in another page for quick referencing.  Upon selecting to attach a document by click and dragging into the provided window or uploading from computer, Onedrive, etc; I am not able to drag a complete Smartsheet page into the box, nor is uploading from Smartsheet an option. Please advise, thanks!



  • It may be easier to "link" to that sheet vs. trying to attach it as a file. 

  • Hi Travis,

    Likely th ebest option is - as above to 'link' the smartsheet within the sheet you wish to reference.

    You can add a hyperlink within the sheet - in a cell that you can click through with. Alternatively by adding a 'comment' and typing - copy and paste - the sheets webpage - this will create a link not visible on the sheet you are viewing.