Smartsheet Notification

edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

When we are in actual Smartsheet making changes, as an example:

Row 226 - we added and saved comments.  

However when a collaborator received the notification of what changes were made, the Row 226 becomes Row 474 which would be incorrect and would require additional steps to look for Row 226.

How do we fix that please?  Thank you.


  • Shaine Greenwood


    This behavior that you're seeing could have a few causes:

    1. Your notifications are aggregating multiple changes in at once. This is default behavior to prevent people from receiving excess notifications. If you make the required change to trigger the notification and save, then after saving add rows to your sheet, this will push the row number down. Try making a bulk of changes to your sheet and make it a pattern to perform your add or move row changes and your "notification triggering" changes at the same time, then save.
    2. You're updating your rows from a report. Notifications will always reference the correct row from the source sheet. Although there currently isn't a way to create notifications that reference the row number of a report, all of the links in the notification will point to the correct row number of the source sheet.

    If people are receiving notifications on a single row, try having them click on the link to the sheet from the notification. This will take them to the specific row, regardless of where it's moved to in the sheet.