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Hello community, 


I have a tricky question here concerning how to send out a reminder automatically based on the following idea. 

I have a sheet which lists the status of certain rows.

Each row has a column that indicates with Green/Yellow/Red/Gray dots (symbols) - these indicate if an item has been fixed, pending, still broken, or other. 

Is it possible to if an item has been marked Yellow(pending) or Red(not fixed) for X amount of days past the original entry - then a reminder will be sent to a specific email address?


I know Kelly Anthony has posted at least two articles concerning similar methods of automating reminders, but was hoping someone in the community could help with this very specific set up I am trying to accomplish.


I appreciate any feedback/questions/comments! 


  • Andrée Starå
    Andrée Starå ✭✭✭✭✭✭


    Yes, it is. Unfortunately, I don't have time to give you the details now, but I'll get back in a few days and answer if nobody else has replied with the solution.

    I hope this helps you!


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  • Dave Godfrey
    Dave Godfrey ✭✭✭✭


    I have attached a screenshot of an example of this that i have set up.

    I have set up some hidden columns on added the IF formula for it to bring up the the date for the notification to be sent

    Here is an example of the formula.

    =IF(OR([Purchase Order Reference Number]18 <> "", [Order Acceptance without Purchase Order number.]18 = 1), "", [Date Quote Sent to Client]18 + 30)

    Hope this helps



  • mwiggins
    mwiggins ✭✭✭✭

    No problem at all! I really appreciate the speedy response from you (not only on this post but on ones from last week as well).

    I have time to experiment some more with IF formulas / doing dates + 'X' days / etc. 

    Hopefully more people will have solutions.

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