Pivot App Zero Values

Chris Mondeau
Chris Mondeau ✭✭✭✭✭✭
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Hi All,


I'm using Pivot App to summarize the number of records from a variety of reports. It works great, but if there are no records in a report, the pivot table will report blank. I was hoping for a "0" value, as I'm pushing the data in these fields as number summary in the Dashboards/Portals.

Other than creating new columns with IF statements, or separate sheets with countif cross-sheet formulas, is there a solution I can apply to the Pivot App?



  • Zack S
    Zack S Employee


    Currently Pivot doesn't have a way to send a 0 when it doesn't see any values that match, but I'll be sure to let our developers know that you'd like to see this sort of functionality. 

    The two workarounds you mentioned would be the best way to get the counts you are looking for. 


  • Jeffrey Homme
    Jeffrey Homme ✭✭✭
    edited 08/26/19

    Zack - Its been over a year, are there any fixes in the works on this?


    Showing a blank cell vs. a 0 is confusing to a lot of Stakeholders. Their initial belief is to think the Pivot table is broken. 

  • Same question as posted Aug of last year. Very annoying with gaps for blank data where there should be a data point of "0" leaving gaps in my trend lines...

    Any fixes on the horizon?

  • There should also be the option to provide an empty column (null values) with all zeros if a drop down list values has NOT been used at all. For example, in status field with values: Not started, in progress, blocked, on hold, done. When I start the project, everything has a status of "Not started". I still want to see the other values in the pivot output.

  • dc2
    dc2 Employee

    There is still a need for this functionality, just FYI.