Saving Indented Row View

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I love the Indent feature and especially the CHILDREN() function.

Every time I save sheet or switch back from another sheet, my hidden indented rows completely expand & I have to re-click everything to find where I am.

What am I missing to make sure the rows stay hidden until I need them?




  • Shaine Greenwood


    It's possible that someone else who's working on the sheet is expanding the rows and saving. You may also have another instance of that sheet open in another browser tab with the rows expanded. Try closing any other browser tabs with Smartsheet open then save your hierarchy collapse/expand state.

    Otherwise, make sure no one else is working from an older version of the sheet by ensuring that everyone quits the sheet when they leave.

    Another possibility could be that a filter is applied to your sheet, which I believe defaults to expand the rows. Try disabling the filter (click the filter icon in the top toolbar to toggle it off).

  • itsnotbroken
    itsnotbroken ✭✭✭✭✭


    Making sure no one else is working on the sheet defeats the whole reason we use Smartsheet. We have one master project task sheet (approx 300-400 tasks depending on load) that pulls from and -or feed separate sheets. 5 Locations use this master sheet to divide up the work. 

    I'll try using a report instead, but not sure how that will work in our work flow. As projects come up, they are added to the main sheet & get assigned later (& a sub sheet is made if it's really complicated).  If the master sheet is a report, I don't know how to add lines on a report & force it back to a sheet. 

    Maybe a feature request to "save" your preferred view for personal use. Similar to saving filters for personal or global use.