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Is there an Automatic Save feature for sheets?

Lauren Cruz
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2015 Posts

Is there a feature to have sheets automatically save?


My group and I have found it very troublesome and inconvenient when we lose valuable work due to the browser closing or changing tabs on active sheets. It's nice that the sheet notifies us that we have not saved, but sometimes that could be overlooked if you're moving quickly. Please let me know if there is anything available to help prevent lost work on sheets.


Thank you!


  • Lauren Cruz
    edited 05/13/15

    Thank you Travis for the help! 


    So, I just checked my setting and my auto-save was already checked for both after a certain time and when I leave a sheet prior to this thread. So, I had the most complaints from users I have shared a sheet with (I am the owner of most sheets within my group). Do users I share sheets with also have these settings in place or do they need to adjust their settings to auto-save?


  • Travis
    Travis Employee
    edited 05/14/15

    Hi Lauren, auto-save can be enabled by going to Account > Personal Settings > Settings. These settings are specific for each user so they should go into their settings and check that they have this enabled. Its good practice to save your sheets regularly but enabling these auto-save features will help reduce the possibility of not having your data saved. 

  • Lauren Cruz
    edited 05/14/15

    Wonderful! Thank you Travis for clarifying!

  • Andie Rosendin

    Hello! I, too, have this issue with those I am sharing a sheet. The most common complaint I hear is "this should just save automatically like Google sheets". I have it set to auto save after 1 minute and prompt to save if Smartsheets is closed. If I read the info above correctly, do you mean everyone who edits within the sheet must adjust their personal settings? 

    Auto save does not work if you're simply closing a tab within Smartsheets. How do I set prompts for that if someone is to close the Sheet/Tab, but not Smartsheets entirely? I have to make this foolproof.



  • Ofir Marco

    Hi Travis,

    In addition to the auto-save option (which saves the sheet automatically only if it is open) is there a feature or add-in that auto-saves a sheet if i am not in the sheet?

    I have a column with a formula that triggers a weekly update request (when a weekday is changing to a specific day).

    Problem is that if no one enters to the sheet in that day and saves it, the notification will not be sent since saving will trigger the rule that will identify the change (at least that what someone from Smartsheet told me).

    Any tool or solution that can do auto-save once a week or once a day?


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