Jira Connection for Sprints (Not Issues?)

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With the Jira Connector, is it possible to pull all the sprints into Smartsheet based on the sprint as the unique item/key, not the individual issues? I'd like to better see all our sprints across all our teams and report based on the most recently closed sprints in a given project.

Since I can't query on the most recently closed sprint in JQL I was thinking of maybe finding that in Smartsheet and then using that as a lookup on other issue-level data. I'm trying to see more details on the issues in each recently closed sprint than I'm getting from Jira. Specifically looking at grouping some of the epic-level data.

I'm still kinda playing around so I'm not sure if this is actually my best approach. But it doesn't look like I can even get the data? Each row is only an issue?


  • Hi Phillip,

    Thanks for reaching out with your question. I understand that you are trying to determine the best way to filter on Sprints in your workflow, specifically Sprints that are closed. As you mentioned, the Jira connector is built to sync rows at an Issue level, so each row will sync based on the unique Issue Key created on the Jira side.

    There are certainly a few options that you have to filter or group by certain Sprints in your workflow.

    1. It looks like other customers have also asked Atlassian for the ability to Filter on Closed Sprints: https://jira.atlassian.com/browse/JSWSERVER-12432. One thing that you can do, is you can write a JQL query to only sync to certain Sprint names. Please note, this would be a manual process and you would need to update the JQL query when a new Sprint has been closed. E.g. sprint IN ("Sprint 1","Sprint 2","Sprint 3"). This will allow you to only sync Issues that were included in any of the three example sprints listed above.

    2. You can also set up Row Grouping on Sprint Name, which would allow you to create a custom hierarchy based on different Sprints from the Jira Projects you are syncing. You can learn more about setting up Row Grouping on the following Help Center article: https://help.smartsheet.com/articles/2476121-jira-workflows#hierarchy.

    I hope this information helps! If you still have any other questions, please contact Support at https://help.smartsheet.com/contact-001.

    Thank you,


    Smartsheet Support