Smartsheet/Google Form Sync

We created a sync between a google form and a smartsheet that records promotion requests. This sheet is used multiple times a day to record these requests. The sheet stopped syncing on August 14 and the team cannot figure out why the sync stopped. We researched the community and help for potential issues. Do you know of reasons why a google form sync would stop working? We are trying to resolve the issue without having to create a new sheet.  


  • Hello,

    This can happen for any number of reasons. Sometimes, when the Google API is accessed too many times (our Google form sync was built with the Google API), the Google API completely stops an activity from happening.

    The way to fix this is to disconnect and reconnect the sync, which will create a new sheet in Smartsheet. I know that this isn't the path that you wanted to take but it's the only path to take in order to get your Google form to sync with the sheet again.