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We have a sheet that track onboarding activity for new clients.  Two date columns in the sheet are Follow-up Due and Follow-up Actual. I would like to send a notification or reminder to the assigned employee on the Follow-up due date if the Follow-up Actual is blank so they are only receiving notifications about open items. There is no change to a row or column to initiate a notification and a reminder does not allow for an 'if' statement.  Any thoughts on how to accomplish this?


  • Mike Wilday
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    I use a helper column. I create a hidden date column and use the formula formula to produce. =IF(ISBLANK([Actual Due Date]@row), [Follow Up Due]@row, "Completed")

    See if that works for you. Then you build your reminder around the helper column. if there is no Actual Due Date then you will have a date to pull a reminder from. If there is an actual date the word completed populates the date field and the reminder will not fire. :) 

    Hope that helps! 

  • J. Craig Williams
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    It is unfortunate that we still do not have the Notification features for Reminders. Very.

    That said, to accomplish this, I create a [Reminder Date] column. The column uses a formula to populate the date. For example:

    =IF([Open Item]@row, MIN([Due Date]@row, DATEONLY(Created@row) + 14), "")

    This will be blank if the item not considered open (there are more than "complete" in this system).

    If [Open Item] is checked, then this reminder occurs the earlier of the [Due Date] or 14 days after the task is created.

    The Reminder then keys off that date.

    If the Reminder is based on some formula using TODAY(), then you'll need to account for that. I used to use Zapier for that:

    I hope that helps.


    UPDATE: Looks like Mike and I were typing at the same time and that he types faster than I do.

  • Thank you!  I created a new hidden column and it works!


  • Mike Wilday
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    Glad the solution works for you. 

    @Craig. Two heads are better than 1! :)