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Anyone know how to get Row Groups that group by Assignee to work?  I tried using Row Groups to group by Assignee in my Jira workflow but it only grouped some of the assignees, not all.  Also, for the same assignee, some of the rows are grouped and some are not.  It's really annoying. 

I tried grouping by Assignee, Assignee Username and the results are the same.  Would really appreciate any tips on how to get it to work.



  • Isaac Jose
    Isaac Jose Employee

    Hello Xuyen,

    Thanks for your post. It sounds like you're trying to use Row Grouping in your workflow to to group the Issues in your sheet by Assignee, but not all of the issues are grouped correctly. To group by assignee:

    • Try mapping the Assignee field to a Contact List column in your sheet if you haven't already.
    • Ensure that the assigned user on the row in Smartsheet is also an active user in your JIRA instance
    • If you have any Sheet Filters in your workflow (, Smartsheet Rows that don't meet the filter criteria will not be automatically grouped. For the issues that seem grouped incorrectly, select the Issue Key to open the issue in JIRA and verify that the Assignee in the sheet matches the Assignee in JIRA.
    • Try removing the Sheet Filters in your workflow. Note that this will update the currently filtered JIRA issues with the information in your sheet, so if there are JIRA issues that you don't want to update, you may want to delete the rows in Smartsheet first

    Row Grouping uses the data from JIRA to create the Hierarchy ( If you've updated a row in Smartsheet after the Sheet Filter has removed the sync back to JIRA, it can appear as if some of the issues are grouped incorrectly because the data in Smartsheet doesn't reflect the data in JIRA.

    If you find that a Sheet Filter is causing the issue, you can avoid this in the future by setting up a Conditional Formatting rule ( that matches your Sheet Filter to visualize the rows that aren't syncing from Smartsheet to JIRA. If you need further assistance with this, you can reach out Support Team at I recommend summarizing your issue, including the link to this thread, and attaching screenshots of your sheet and each page of the Workflow setup.

    Kind regards,


  • John Buhler
    John Buhler ✭✭
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    I am having an issue similar to the one described above. Rows are grouped by "Assignee Display Name" and this has work without issue for the last 1.5 years. The Assignees in my case, about 10 of them, all have between 1-20 Epics assigned to them and I have chosen to maintain the JIRA hierarchy grouping.

    All this is showing as expected, where the Assignee is shown once at the top of the Grouping, then the list of Epics assigned with supporting JIRA hierarchy items below.

    However, there is one user where the Grouped rows behaves differently. Here for each of the 20 Epics assigned then the Grouping name is shown 20 times, once for each Epic. The strangely, the Grouping name then continues to get populated to the sheet, such that after a day or two there are hundreds of new entrees with just the grouping name of this one Assignee with Epics or other JIRA hierarchy underneath it.

    Workflow is setup to run automatically and with all data going only from JIRA --> Smartsheet. No errors are logged to the sheet.

    I have gone through all the points that @Isaac Jose has mentioned above, but nothing changes the situation.

    Any ideas?


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @John Buhler

    It's difficult to know what may be happening without seeing your sheets and Jira set up. If you've gone through Isaac's post above and it doesn't explain the behaviour you're seeing, I would suggest reaching out to Support so that they can troubleshoot this with you in a private channel. Please provide them with screen captures of the unexpected behaviour alongside screen captures of what is expected behaviour for the other Assignee's.

    Additionally, your account is eligible to book Pro Desk sessions, where you can schedule a 30-minute screen share session to discuss items such as the JIRA connector. See the heading under "Connectors, Premium Apps, API, & Extended Functionality" on this page, here:



  • John Buhler

    Issue resolved.... turns out that the one user in question had a trailing space in the name for their JIRA user. This prevented the grouping by "Assignee Display Name" in Smartsheet from working correctly.

    Once the trailing space for the JIRA user was removed, then the grouping by "Assignee Display Name" functioned as expected.