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Hi, i'd like to use smartsheet for end of year bonuses. I ideally would like to send an update request to managers with the info below. I can lock all cells so that the only one they can update would be column C - but is there a way on either update request or something where if they change the drop down of column C a new value in Column D shows? Or what is anyones recommendation?

Column A: Employee Name

Column B: Weekly Salary

Column C: Bonus in weeks (Drop down 1-4)

Column D: Amount of Bonus   (this is a formula taking Column B X Column C



  • Andrée Starå
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    Unfortunately, there isn't a way to do that natively in Smartsheet at the moment.

    You could set it up with the help of third-party tools. Google Forms is one example.

    Would that work for you?

    I hope this helps you!


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  • Paul Newcome
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    You could use a basic =[Column B]@row * [Column C]@row to get what you need. If the formula is already in the row before sending the update request, it will automatically calculate based off of what is selected in Column C.


    I tested this with a very basic version. Here's the set up:


    Number1             Number2               Total

                                                                =[Number1]@row + [Number2]@row


    I then sent myself an update request and only included the Number1 and the Number2 columns. I updated each to 10 and submitted. When I returned to the sheet, it looked like this:


    Number1             Number2               Total

    10                         10                           20


    So short answer... Yes. What you want should be a pretty basic solution.


    Long answer... See above.