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Relational database / multiple values on sheet 2 linked to sheet 1

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Is it possible (and if not could it be?) to edit the value in a cell of a column that does not appear on the original sheet where a line in a report is pulled from? In other words, I'd like to emulate a 'relational' database. 


The use case is that we'd like to log results, measured using a series of indicators, of activities. So I'm looking for a way of logging multiple results against one activity line, in a separate sheet that is not the project sheet.  


  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    The only way to edit a cell in a different location is to use a report, which allows you to pull in rows from sheets and edit them in a unified report. Cell linking can be used to link cells between sheets, but the destination cell is not editable (only the source cell is editable) 

  • Ok - thanks - but while a cell in a report at the intersection of a line/column where the column appears in the sheet the line is from is editable, the cells in the same report for a column that is not in the original sheet is not editable. Can you make it possible to edit that, from the report view? 

  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    That is correct - only cells that exist in the sheet the rows are pulled from can be edited. A report is pulling in rows from existing sheet - it is not creating new rows or columns and does not contain any unique data. If a column does not exist in the sheet a row is pulled from, you will not be able to add data to that column in a report.


    If you want to edit that column in a report, you could add that column (same type and name) to the sheet the rows are pulled from.

  • Relational database capability would make Smartsheet a true killer app. The lack of this functionality is just about the only thing that makes me continue to search for other applications to fulfill this need.  

  • Kennedy Stomps
    Kennedy Stomps Employee
    edited 07/26/16

    Hi Jack-- Just to give me a better idea of what you're looking for, what applications have you sought out to fill this need right now? Is there any existing application that you wish you could just "push" into Smartsheet? Let me know so I can pass this along to our Product team to consider for future updates!

  • Yes!


    Microsoft Access. That would be a perfect example of a relational database software. I've been looking for years and years for a good online relational database. If SmartSheet could make that happen, it would be the absolute best app on the internet!

  • Thanks, Jack! I'll share this feedback with our Product Team.

  • Hi all, I would also love this database functionality and have recently been exploring airtable..  What plans are currently in the works to add database functionality to smartsheets?  I have seen the data mesh add-on and it just doesn't do the same thing that you would expect from a full database. I think it's still cell linking or copy and pasting - not relational.  I look forward to your response.  Many thanks.

  • Adding support. Would also like to know about any plans Smartsheet has for establishing functionality of a relational database.

    Datamesh does not seem to deliver completely on that.



  • kagrawa
    kagrawa ✭✭

    I haven't used Airtable much, but my understanding is that it has it's all relational. SS seems more like working with Excel.

  • Hi There I am also looking for a relational database capability... I have found it in both Filemaker Pro and an Online product called ANVIL database

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