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Export Report Calendar to Google Calendar

Justin Cimino
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2015 Posts

Good Afternoon,


Reference: http://help.smartsheet.com/customer/portal/articles/518535-syncing-your-smartsheet-and-google-calendars


It looks like you can export a sheet calendar (up to 600 rows) to a Google calendar but cannot export a report to a Google calendar. To address this, I copied the report data to a new spreadsheet. This 'works' in that I can now export the calendar to Google and re-apply the conditional formating to represent each client as a different color.



1. Is it correct that a report cannot be exported directly to Google calendar?

1. If so, is development slated to allow the export of a report to Google calendar?


Thank you,





  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    Thanks for the questions! You are correct, reports can not be published to Google Calendar or iCal. This isn’t on our near term development roadmap but I will submit your request for this functionality to our product team!

  • I have the same issue: the main sheet I am working with is more than 600 rows so I can't publish to Google and the reports from that sheet (which are what we really need to integrate) can't be published to Google either. I don't want to copy and paste portions of the sheet because it won't be up-to-date. I hope Smartsheet has plans for reports to publish to Google Calendar soon, it's the biggest complaint I am getting.

  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    Hi Lily, if you have more than 600 tasks, you can publish your Smartsheet calendar to Google or most other calendar applications using the iCal Publish Link (which is not limited to 600 tasks) located under Publish > iCal (Calendar). 


    Here's information from our Help Center on publishing calendars: http://help.smartsheet.com/customer/en/portal/articles/775707-publishing-a-smartsheet-calendar-to-ical

  • Thank you for your response. Because publishing does not have any information other than date and title - no timing or other information, and it can not be done from a report, unfortunately it will not work for us. Hopefully adding timing and exporting from a report are on the horizon for the calendar function, otherwise it really doesn't do anything for us.

  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    Thanks clarifying! I will add your suggestion of exporting a report to Google Calendar to our enhancement request list. 

  • We would need the same. I track all our projects with a single report and need to get this published to a single calendar, where our employees can view them, 

    Alternatively we could use tasks to be added and invites to the accounts we use for alocation of them. 

    So if a task is assigned to [email protected] and a feature like "send out invites"is enabled. The task is then sent out to the person's calendar as an invitation or added to the persons calendar. 

  • After more than 1 year from the last post on this subject it seems that nothing has changed. It seems it's still not possible to export an ical from a report into Outlook. Is that true? Will there be any enhancements on this?

  • I think this would be an important feature.  In my case it would allow each team member to see their allocated tasks without the clutter of other streams.   

    This gets my vote as a feature request.

  • Feature submitted.  Might have already been done, but just in case.

  • Dusty Robinson
    Dusty Robinson ✭✭✭✭

    I would also like the ability to export a report Calendar to an external calendar application (Outlook, Google, etc.)

  • I would like to publish a report to google calendar. I would use this a lot. I have a report that just looks at my PM roles/tasks (assigned to me) for the next 2 weeks across several projects/sheets. I use this for short term planning of my own tasks/scheduling of client meetings and other items. Longer term (or whole sheets) would be messy in a google calendar any further out than a couple weeks.



  • Mike Wilday
    Mike Wilday ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Is there a way to publish a calendar based on user? OR a particular user assigned to a task? 

  • Mike Wilday
    Mike Wilday ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Any update on this request? 

  • Looks like this is an aging request, but wanted to chime in as this would be a very helpful feature for our organization as well. Is there any movement on this enhancement?

    We input the dates on client events across different sheets, and we have a report that pulls together all these dates across clients in one place. It would be incredibly helpful if this report can integrate directly with iCal, or better yet, Google calendar.

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