Delivery Set Up


Hey everyone,

I have a question. My set up:

Multiple line items with different Work Package Names. 

Once the work package is complete we mark it for shipping based on date and time to our job sites. 

I would like to have a sheet that would consolidate all the work packages (name of the work package) to one row based on that date and time.


From this

WP#     Shipping date Shipping Time Jobsite

1         10/2/18             7am               ABC Company

2         10/2/18             7am               ABC Company

3         10/2/18             7am               ABC Company

To this

Shipping date  Shipping Time Jobsite                WP#'s

10/2/18             7am               ABC Company     1,2,3


Thinking about using Zapier somehow and "run it" The day of in early am but it would be nice to populate automatically from last minute changes and stuff.


Any ideas?