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Preparing the Process

Hi to everyone

I would like share with others users my questions about peparing the sheet for organize the jobs of the company where I work to see what are you guys think about this subject.

I have to organize and follow every job of the company.

The company have a lot of jobs (many hundreds) and in each jobs have about 15 stage. These stage start and finish indipendently and I need to put inside information and attachement for every sheet because I need send email to people that are not users when start a stage.

First of all I started making a sheet for every stage putting inn the coloumn the main details of every job, the stage and, the booking date and other details like who have to do the job ......

But the problem was that for every sheet I couldn't link the attachement than I have put the same attachement in every sheet and in each rows.

Secondly I tried making a sheet for each jobs but unfortunately can't organize with condition the send of the email and I have to send every email from each sheet ( other huge job).

I would know if there is a manner for organize and sending the update request with one command when appear in a report and from the report, or otherwise if you have had a similar problem and can help me.

Thanks a lot



  • JamesR
    JamesR ✭✭✭✭✭✭



    This is quite a complexed work flow process and without knowing all the details it would be dificult to be precise.


    You can start by using a Workspace to contain all your sheets and reports.  The benifit of this is that you can upload Attachments to the workspace and everybody who has access to the workspace can view or down load the attachments.  The disadvantage is that permissions are set at worksheet level and therefore what ever permissions you give somebody they will have those permissions on all content in the workspace.


    With regard to sending e-mails, if you have the right columns then you can use alerts/noticications to e-mail people driven by a date, or schedules daily, weekly etc.


    If you build the system correctly you can create a dashboard that gathers key information and that key information can be filtered up into a master sheet using Linked cells.


    Bear in mind when building the Size limitation on smartsheets.


    I know this is not in detail but would need to do a full system analysis on your requirements to give you a working solution.  Id you want to take this furthee feel free to contact me or my organisation if you would like our assistance.



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