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exact match formula in Smartsheet

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Hi, has anyone had any luck using an exact match formula is Smartsheet?

I have two columns that have text in them. I want the 3rd column to tell me if column 1 and 2 are an exact match or not. I know how to do it in excel =Exact(A1:B1) but not sure how to set up in Smartsheet. Also, can you apply a formula to an entire column without having to drag it down each time a new entry is added?


Thanks for any help you can give me.


  • JamesR
    JamesR ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Exact is not a formula that is available in Smartsheet.

    Work arround:

    Create a report that only has the two columns you want to compare.  Export to Excel and use your Exact in there.  Not ideal but would work.


    Alternativly use an If function =IF(A1=B!) you will get the word True Or False


    Re Copying Formulae.  If there are formula in a column down to the last cell and ther is at least one more above it, then when you add a row it swill auto copy the formulae.


  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    This can actually be done in Smartsheet. What you can do is build a formula that display specified text if the two cells match and different text if they do not match. Here is an example (columns are called Text and Text2):


    =IF(Text2 = [Text2]2, "Match", "No Match")



    This formula will display “Match” if they match and “No Match” if they do not match. 

  • klolcg
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