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Tana Rucker
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OK sleuths, this one is for you.  We are an organization that loves powerpoint, and no matter what dashboards we create, a powerpoint presentation is typically still needed. We need a way to consolidate our project status in one easy document or dashboard. Is there any way to create the either of the two solutions below without regular manual intervention?  APIs and macros considered if you know of anything.

  1. A consolidated dashboard that includes all projects provisioned in Control Center (we cannot publish dashboards).
  2. -or- Generate a series of powerpoint slides with some level of automation from at least 30 active project dashboards.  The list of projects can be stored in one Smartsheet folder, but the list of projects will regularly change based on what is being provisioned in SCC.

Any ideas? We ideally do not want to be in the business of opening 30+ project dashboards, screenshotting (is that a word?) each dashboard, sizing/editing it, and pasting that into PowerPoint, and managing that when there are regular changes.  Yikes.

Tana Rucker

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