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Linking Sheets and Sharing

Andrew Tacoma
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2016 Posts

We have a sheet being kept up by our quoting group listing such things as customer name, quote number, amount of quote, etc. This includes the sales person. We keep a similar sheet for orders that have been entered.


We would like to keep these two sheets separated by group that uses them, and they use some formatting to make them useful for weekly meetings.


The problem comes that I would like to share some data with the outside sales team. I would like Sales Person A to see that we quoted 10 of his customer last week and that he needs to follow up on those quotes. I would also like him to see that we're in the midst of drawings for 6 of his customers. Both of these things are viewable from their respective sheets but I would like to make a sheet for Sales Person A so that he can only see the items that are pertinent to him. He can then fill out the customer feedback and move on. This feedback section is the reason I don't want to filter and send him a report once a week, I would like to keep them as living documents.


Any advice?


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