Keeping old and new data when needing approval/decline

jcotten ✭✭
edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

We use Smartsheet for forecasting budgets per team. Each team has its own sheet with each line item that rolls up to sheets, reports, and a dashboard (with graphs and metrics).  The columns represent both forecast and actual money spent per month (two separate columns per month).  When a product owner adds a forecast amount for a particular item in a particular month, we have an approval set for the budget owner to approve the expected spend.  We have a report that shows "Submitted but Not Approved" so that he can get further input and approvals from his superiors.  However, if someone up the line declines the forecast for a particular month, then is it possible to revert back to the original number that was in the changed cell?  Is it possible for the budget owner to see the original number and the new number entered into the cell before making the approval?  I'm a bit stuck on this at the moment and would appreciate any help/suggestions.