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Virtual Time Cards - Contractors Working Remotely - Timecards

Mr. Roboto
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We manage a group of independent contractors that work off site.  We are looking for a design of a web form so they can record the hours worked daily.  This would have to allow for start time, lunch time (punch out), lunch time (punch in), and end time.  Looking for a formula to calculate the hours worked daily, weekly, and monthly.  Pay periods Monday - Sunday.  We would send an update request to the customer and the customer would verify the hours worked on a weekly basis.  Any thoughts of suggestions would be greatly appreciated. PS - We were thinking of using a drop down option to have the times pre-set in 15 min increments to make the formula / calculations simple.


  • I started something like this several months ago.  My thought was to make a sheet for each employee, and they would have thier own sheet and form they would enter clock in/clock out information.

    Althought I didn't have the Week and Monthly calcs your post gave me the idea.  I added it and it seems to be working OK.

    Here are some links to a sample form and sheet, so you can see how it works, and see it update.  The hard things with this sheet is that the employee has to make sure they punch in and out in the right order.  Or the calculations will get messed up.  I'll keep the link published for a week or so, to give you some time to peruse it or even make some suggestions for me to improve it.  Feel free to add data useing the form.


    I did some conditional formating on the day, week, and month calculations so it would highlight the start of a new calculation period.


    Link to Sheet:



    Link to Form:




    I would be interested to know how you make it work for your company.

  • J. Craig Williams
    J. Craig Williams ✭✭✭✭✭✭



    If this is used as punch time card (as opposed what-I-did-this-week timecard), why does the user need to select the date?



  • Good question Craig,


    This is probably better for a "What I did this week timecard".


    I have a couple of version of this, one of which used the system column "Created" to gather all of the information including date and time, so you could get an exact number.  However if there was a mistake made at punch in, and you needed to go back and fix it, it's a bit tricky.  We would have to make a series of override columns and calculations.  This just seemed easier for now.


    The other thing I was thinking of doing is adding a column that would look for any common errors in the data that might be made.  Like clocking in or out in the wrong order, or having a conflicting date...etc.  But I haven't had time to put that in yet.



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