New Row Formula Issues/ Default New Row Feature?


I'm looking to take a Smartsheet I created for my department and to share it with other teams.  It's fairly simple, but I have a few formulas doing some stuff:

  1. A Status Ball that syncs with the status text.
  2. A formula in a PARENT_PROJECT =(PARENT([Project]@row)) that syncs with the Parent Project name so that I can use the Projects as lanes in Card View (since Card View works only with Dropdowns). This field is hidden in Grid View since it is redundant.

Here is my problem:

  1. Adding a new line at the bottom of my sheet copies the Status Ball formula, but not the PARENT_PROJECT formula.
  2. There doesn't appear to be a way to inject any formulas on rows added by a Form.

If I am going to be using this as a application across my org, I need a consistent way to get preformatted data into the hands of my other managers.  Is there any solve for both or either of the problems I am running into?  Is there a "default row" option?

Thanks in advance!


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    When you use a form you are adding a row to the sheet. If you are adding the row to the bottom of the sheet, smartsheet will find the lowest row and check if there are any formulas in it. If there are any formulas, it will copy them and paste them in the new row. 


    As a general rule, you want to avoid sharing sheets in smartsheet as much as possible. Instead you can share dashboards with the information applicable to each user sorted out and filtered in a meaningful manner. Of course there are obviously exceptions to this, but one of the main advantages of the form is that it allows users to give you information without having access to the sheets.

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