Updating Rows on different sheet assigned to a user?

MalteMoehleOCS ✭✭✭
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Dear All,new here, apologies if this has been discussed before, couldn't find anything.

A question regarding the following scenario:

Imagine a sheet (sheet 1) in which a user/department ads their requests assigning a task to a specific user/owner.

Is it possible to update the sheet of the owner only when a task is assigned to him?

You assign a task to person a (on sheet1) - only sheet of person a updates (sheet 2)

You assign a task to person b (on sheet 1) - only sheet of person b updates (sheet 3)


I update sheet 1 and assign a task to the owner of sheet 2 - only sheet 2 updates and not sheet 3

I update sheet 1 and assign a task to the owner of sheet 3 - only sheet 3 updates and not sheet 2

On one hand this can be achieved via a report by creating one report for a specific user - however: reports do not have card-view and we would like to set up Kanban-workflows for these cases including hierarchy and reports don't support either one of these two criterias.

Also, info that should be pulled is across multiple cells (next to each other) - all sheets would follow the same set-up-template to make linking them easier...

Is VLOOKUP a valuable option for this? A different formula perhaps?

Thank you very much


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