Can I hide predecessor lines in a gantt chart?

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I have a complicated project with tons of predecessors.  The predecessor lines connecting tasks in the gantt view are so numerous that is makes the gantt visually hard to use.  Is there are way to hide or turn off not the predecessors, but the predecessor lines?  




  • Andrée Starå
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    Unfortunately, it's not possible at the moment to hide the predecessor lines, but it's a great idea!

    Please submit an Enhancement Request when you have a moment.

    Hope that helps!

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  • Has there been any progress on this? Seems simple to implement!

  • Please do add this. It would help me significantly.

  • Has there been any progress on this feature?

    I really need to turn this off in a few of my sheets too.

  • Absurd that you wouldn't have this. The gantt view for me goes from incredibly useful to not useful at all because dependency lines litter it with completely useless information from my perspective. Why isn't this an option????

  • The gantt view goes from really useful as tool for communicating work flow to being useless because of all the dependency lines! It's essential to be able to see the work flow without the clutter of all those lines.

  • I agree with Ed. This is a "must feature" ... I start not to like Smartsheet. It has great attributes but many small deficiencies that makes it less of a favorite.

  • Any updates Smartsheet?

  • Checking in with this. Is this coming soon Smartsheet?

  • +Vote for me on this one. Please develop this feature.

  • Hi, leaving a comment to reinforce concerns expressed in this thread. The ability to hide relationship lines would be incredibly helpful. Great if you can please provide any updates on this.

  • Hi, leaving a comment to reinforce concerns expressed in this thread

  • Elena Mtz CDMX
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    Hola, también apoyo la solicitud de poder ocultar las líneas de dependencia en el Gantt. Ojalá puedan liberar la funcionalidad lo antes posible. Veo que está solicitado desde 2019. Saludos

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    Hello, I also support the request to be able to hide the dependency lines in the Gantt. Hopefully they can release the functionality as soon as possible. I see that it is requested since 2019. Regards

  • I agree. That would totally save time ! I lose huge mental energy to try to ignore these lines when too many.