Formula to track % complete of a fabircation component in a row

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Good evening,

I will try and explain this without messing up

  • We are using smartsheet to track fabrication of product
  • each row is an item we fabricate
  • each item has a budgeted amount of time per task designated in a column
  • they are python, fit up , weld, unload, and admin
  • the sum of alloted time is
  •  =SUM([Budgeted Python Per Piece]91 + [Budgeted Fit Up]91 + [Budgeted Weld]91 + [Budgeted Unload]91 + [Budgeted Admin]91) / 60
  • as the product goes thru our shop we have a checkbox column next to each of the budgeted time columns for each of the above and want to track the % complete for each piece
  • So we would like the  % complete to tally everytime a check box is checked so that when all  5 tasks have been completed we are at 100 complete for that product
  • What type of formula would we use to get this done? 

Thank you


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