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Notifications - Changes to cell also notifies when cell is created


Currently I have a sheet that set set to receive data from a smartsheet form. That form puts the data at the top of my sheet. I have a checkbox that is checked by default in the form [column name: New Employee]. I also have an alert that says if column "New Employee" changes notify me right away.


Now at this point I have new data, and template setup to copy that data into. The problem is that I think the alert is notifying everyone if "New Employee" gets created instead of changing an existing cell.


I have a screen shot attached that shows "Oliver Queen" as the new hire that was created from the form and "Thea Queen" that was created from the form and now put into a template.


The problem is that it shows all of the sub information and not just the column "New Employee" that has been checked. Is there any way around this?  Is there a way to only send a notifications if the box is "checked" vs. "unchecked"?


Also say, I have notifications "Once a day", does it send you all changes that were made for the day or does it send you the notification as the sheet currently sits at the end of the day compared to the day before. 



3-24-2016 4-29-07 PM.png


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