April 15th Smartsheet Service Event

Shaine Greenwood
Shaine Greenwood Employee
edited 04/25/19 in General Announcements

Last weekend, we performed a datacenter fail-over exercise to validate our disaster recovery capabilities. As a result, today (Monday April 15th), some of our customers experienced application performance issues related to the core application, reporting, collaboration features, and workflow rules. Three of these issues were related to the datacenter fail-over. We have responded to each of these issues with utmost urgency, and identified and addressed the root cause for each one. We understand the pain and frustration these issues have caused and are working to avoid future performance issues.

We know that platform stability and reliability are key to earning your trust and keeping it. We continue to make significant investments in Smartsheet’s reliability. Specifically, we’re prioritizing investments in monitoring, alerting, and telemetry tools that will help prevent issues like those we experienced today from occurring in the future.  We also have dedicated members on our site reliability team who are committed to building additional automated scripting and QA validation for all of our infrastructure code. Our intent is to continuously improve the repeatable and reliable infrastructure components upon which to build and run our application.

For updates on our progress in resolving these performance issues, please see our Status page.


  • David_Um
    David_Um ✭✭✭

    Thanks for sharing, Shaine. This is good to know. 

    Tangentially, with respect to reporting delays/issues, an issue I occasionally see is that reports do not update until the source sheet is accessed. This does not occur all the time, but can you please confirm that this is not the normal workflow/behavior?

  • David_Um
    David_Um ✭✭✭

    Thank you and the team at Smartsheet for the proactive efforts to improve Smartsheet's overall performance, stability, and reliability. I greatly appreciate this!

  • Hi David—

    This may be normal behavior, especially if the source data is based on a formula of some kind. You'll mainly notice this when you use formulas that use the TODAY() function. Functions require the source sheets to be opened and saved before you'll see the updates in the report.

    Conditional formatting and highlight changes also require the source sheet to be opened and saved.