How do I send the same form out to folk multiple times where each new person answers questions in a

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I have form that has multiple sections that is used for audits. During the actual audit day, a customer may find 30 issues. I need to capture those 30 items in the 1st section of the form with an owner (no big deal so far). Then the owners have a few weeks to manage and close their items. Do I ping the folks to update their form with a rule or just let them do it? It's a status question for managing state.. I have only one mandatory question at the bottom of the form...The first person picks "Opened", the next is "Started" then "Completed", then I have to go in and verify the work done and pick "Verified". Should I have done separate forms? Should this be managed in a Task sheet instead of the main sheet? I will eventually build reports to show the outstanding audits and action items, should the interaction be driven back from a report?

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