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Shared To Me and grouping sheets/workspaces

Pam Tadsen
Pam Tadsen ✭✭✭✭✭
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2016 Posts

Right now I have about two dozen sheets shared to me. That number is about to significantly increase... because the people that are sharing the sheets with me work on different projects, is there a way to "view" or "group" my shared sheets other than by clicking on the Location or Owner header to sort? Say, one group for a particular client, one group for a particular department (e.g., accounting), and one group for a particular activity (e.g., new hires)...


I do not want to star the items and have them all end up in my favorites as that just relocates the issue. It appears that in my personal Sheets folder, I can click on items and move them to a "new" folder. However, in the Shared To Me section, this is not the case.


Any other requests for this option, or any other suggestions?


Thank you!


  • Jeff K.

    You can always move the sheets to your own folder


    Go to the HOME tab and right click the SHEETS folder. Select New>Folder to create them



  • Tim McCarthy
    Tim McCarthy ✭✭✭✭✭

    Jeff - OK, I created a new folder and can move MY sheets to that folder. I don't see how I can move sheets SHARED to me to the new folder, however. What is the procedure?

  • SashaR
    edited 04/13/16

    Folders are the best way to organize your sheets. You can store sheets you own and sheets that are shared to you. 


    Here's the thing, Shared to Me will show ALL sheets shared to you. Individual sheets as well as sheets located in a WORKSPACE. A workspace is its own organizational unit. This means you cannot add sheets from a workspace to a folder.


    Any sheet (owned or shared) that is NOT in a workspace, you can organize into folders.


    Sheets located in a workspace will have to remain in that workspace. 

  • Jeff K.

    SashaR is right. All of the items listed  under MORE are basically filters


    The SHEETS folder should be right under FAVORITES and SIGHTS. You can create those folders under teh SHEETS folder.


    FYI... All of the Smartsheets you have access (either shared to you or created by you) will be found under the SHEETS for you to organize

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