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Background Colors for Attachments & Discussions

KrisWalsh ✭✭✭✭✭
edited 04/25/17 in Archived 2016 Posts

I recently submitted a Feature Request and am curious if anyone else would like it as well.


Reason: I am trying to increase feature adoption among my peers. I believe  this ability will increase the visibility and awareness of Attachments & Comments.


Request: I would like the ability to change the background color of the Attachments and Comments columns using Conditional Formatting.

Just a simple 1, 0 will do.

1 = there is at least 1 Attachment

0 = there are 0 Attachments


Observation: The background color of Attachments & Comments can change with "Highlight Changes", so the ability already exists in another form.


Conditional Formatting Use Case 1 - General Awareness

If Attachments is not blank, then apply this formatting (yellow) to the Attachments column.

Conditional Formatting Use Case 2 - Attachment Required

If Column1 is Checked and Attachments is blank then apply this formatting (red) to the Attachments column.


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