Maintain dependencies on drag and drop in GANTT view

Alexander Klapfer
Alexander Klapfer ✭✭✭
edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

Hello, I have a support request on drag and drop dependencies.

  1. SMARTSHEET changes the date, if I drag the predecessor bar to the successor bar
  2. SMARTSHHET looses connection of dependencies if I move a connected bar left or right

This "simple" described problems can be fixed manually by myself but it's annoying, specially for long term projects.

Before SMARTSHEET we used OPENPROJECT and here the drag and drop handling it's really basic but works like a charme. We have 10 users and everybody is missing this basic handling features, known from other systems used before.

I suggest warmly to insert more performance on this visual approach on project management. I can't instruct my team members to insert manually time gaps and if something changes, I have to change a date and  move a bar, people must insert again this time gaps because SMARTSHEET looses the connection.

Solution suggestion:

  • Please calculate the time gap between bars, enddate startdate, and insert the gap
  • Please fix the issue on loosing dependencies dragging a bar left, rigtht. It should be possible that SMARTSHEET calculates a date


Thank you for any help or suggestion

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