Counting number of submissions and various stages

s_mawer ✭✭
edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics


I'm new to Smartsheet and trying to figure out ways it can help me keep track of the work we have ongoing in the department.  At the moment I have an excel spreadsheet where I enter every new submission to we make to an outside authority, a new line when it is validated and then another when it has been approved.  My boss has to present metrics at the beginning of each month of how many submissions have been made, validated and approved the previous month and also likes to keep an ongoing tally for the year.  Currently I do this through a pivot table on excel and I'd like to do something similar with Smartsheet.  I was thinking of having the initial submission as the parent line then each update against it as a child.  Is there a way of then easily gathering the stats my boss needs neatly compiled in one place? Would I need access to a dashboard to do this?

Any advice anyone can give me would be much appreciated.