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Can I lock columns, and give specific edit access per column?

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I currently have a team of 5 people who will be updating a smartsheet every month.


Each person has to update their own specific column with data, is there a way to grant access to a person for that specific column so other people can't over write it?


I know I can lock rows and columns and grant access, but it seems that the access to these would be at a generic row / column, not the specific data for that person


Is there a way round this?




  • JamesR
    JamesR ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Create a report for each person with only the rows they need to see and update and get them to work in the report.


    Reports are live views on existing data.  You cannot add rows in reports that needs to be done in the sheet

  • HB

    Thanks, I've got it to work as you outlined.


    Is there a way to schedule reminders to be sent to users to get them to update the report, along with the link to it?

  • Schedule the report to be sent to the user as PDF on a recurring basis with a note asking them to update it. 


    Keep in mind, while a report is a good way to filter only rows relevant to the user, they will still need to be shared to the underlying sheet(s) and will have the ability to edit rows directly from the sheet. 

  • HB
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    Thanks Dave. I've figured out I can send alerts / reminders from the underlying sheet to specific users with a link to the workspace where their specific reports are hosted.

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