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i am trying to set up an It Service Request Tracker - Need workflow approval

Lisa Barnett
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2016 Posts

Ii am trying to set up an It Service Request Tracker that can incorporate the request being sent to specififc individuals for approval.  In other words before a lower level user can submit a request, Mgmt needs to review and approve it.  Can that be done?


  • Jennifer Dewhurst



    It CAN be done but with limitations.  You can set up an "Alert" to send an email to Mr. /Ms. Manager when "X field" meets certain conditions (cell is not blank, or whatever criteria). That person will get an email to go to the service request to approve it. Then, Mr./Ms. Manager can go into the Smartsheet and enter his/her name (employee ID, whatever). As long as the Manager is a REGISTERED user (not necessarily licensed) then their name will be automatically captured in the "History". This has been deemed a legal electronic signature.  As long as they don't share their login information, it should be deemed credible. It's the best Smartsheet can do at this poiint.


    The limitation is this: The criteria for sending the alert is very limited. You can't tell it to send it to Bob Smith for approval if John submits the request and send it to Sally Brown if a different person submits the request. In other words, it can't accomodate organizational heiarchy.  If you have one (or two) managers that are willing to get all notifications, then you are in business.   See attached example. 


    SmartSheet Approval.jpg

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