SUM cells with formulas not working

Eva M
Eva M ✭✭
edited 12/09/19 in Formulas and Functions

Hello, I have a sheet with a column of cells with formulas in them. These formulas produce numbers. Then I have a second sheet, where I have a formula in a cell that references the first sheet's column with numbers. This formula in the second sheet is asking to SUM some of the numbers in the first sheet's column and divide it by their COUNT. So, for example, I am asking to reference Sheet 1, and sum 2+3+4+5+6 and divide that by 5. However, the totals are coming out wrong. I saw in another post that a person was saying that if one tries to SUM cells with a formula in them, the SUM will be wrong. Is this the case? I only have numbers, no text in the cells. Thank you!


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