Setting date in Project profile data from Master intake form

Ezra ✭✭✭
edited 06/14/22 in Add Ons and Integrations

Am I missing something? I've been trying to push the start date of a project from the intake sheet (via intake form date input field) without success. 

Upon spinning up the project in SCC, I get the error:

  • Failed to update template field(s) for "Project Profile Data" (Code: 5536 - Message: The value "04-27-2018" could not be saved in column "Start Date". This column is restricted to ABSTRACT_DATETIME values only. )

Which, to me, says that the date field from the form is not sending the correct format of date to the Project profile data sheet. The regional (default format) is "04/27/18" as opposed to 04-27-2018

There might be some work-around for this by separating the schedule information and gantt from the profile data.. however this would introduce other problems (like pushing an updated date to the overall summary sheet whenever someone changes a task date in a project). Also, I really don't want to make it a two-three step process just to submit a project that should begin or end on a certain date. 

TLDR: Setting date in form. Using Control Center to make project. Date not being injected correctly. Any pointers?