Multiple users in the same row

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Multiple users in the same row

I understand that SmartSheet is great for sharing data and allowing multiple people to work in the same sheet at the same time.


How does SmartSheet manage if 2 people are in the same row working?


Is there a way to have rows lock when a user is in the row working?


We had an issue where 2 users were in the same row working - I don't believe they saw this anywhere that someone else was in the row.

Then when the sheet was saved the data got a little wonky.. SmartSheet saved some of what one user entered but not everything  and then saved some of what the 2nd user entered, but not everything.  Ended up being a mixed entry from 2 people.


Please let me know

Thank you




  • TravisTravis Employee

    Hi Teresa, here is a explanation of what happens if two users edit the same cell in a sheet, from our help center article on working with collaborators: 


    “If you've both made changes to the same cell, the last saved change will be displayed in the cell. The first change made will be viewable by right-clicking on the cell (Mac users can [Ctrl]+click) and selectingView History.”



    The article goes over best practices when working with multiple users and would be useful to read:

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