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ReplyTo e-mail address in notification e-mails - blocked by antispam filter




we have this problem: antispam is blocking our notification e-mails becouse of the part of e-mail header, where reply to address is the one from the user who did the changes the notification email is about.

While the notification e-mail is beeing send from Smartsheet mail server and not from our company domain mail server, this e-mail address is recognized as false, so the e-mails are blocked.

We have no possibility to change the setting on antispam filter, or to change tha antispam service provicer, so only solution i see is that Smartsheet is not sending those e-mails with the replyto address.

Is this possible to set, or is someone having another solution for us, please?

Anyone else having the same problem?


Thank you!





  • additional information:

    i allready whitelisted smartsheet domain and mail relyas witch are to find on support sites on smartsheet website, but this is not solving the problem.

  • Chris Simmons
    edited 06/20/16

    I have had the same issue and have only resolved it by changing spam filter settings, we use a cloud mail filter which puts in a spam header, our exchange server then reads this as "Junk Email" and re-directs to Junk Email Folder. On our exchange server I changed our junk email policy to exclude any emails containing names like "smartsheet.com". You will need to change your spam filter policy unfortuately.

  • Kennedy Stomps

    Hi Kemal--I can see that you filed a Support ticket about this as well. Let me know if you haven't been able to move forward with a resolution with the steps provided by the Support rep on your case and I'll be happy to assist further.

  • Hi and thank you on your comments and responses,


    Chris, in my case the mail is rejected before it comes to the exchange server, so it will not be marked as spam...it will be blocked before.



    Support just told me they will forward my problem to the Product Team, so maybe there will be some update in the Smartsheet in the future where we can modify if we want our notifications with or without replyto address. They can't help me at this moment.

    Maybe we will change our e-mail antispam/antivirus service provider in the future and the new one can then handle the whitelists another way than the current one, or maybe smartsheet comes with this update soon...i hope.


    Thank you!

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