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Feature Request: Changing Rows in Scheduled Update Requests


It seems as if there's no way to change the rows to be updated in a recurring update request, currently. I think that this is very inconvenient and undermines the power of recurring requests:

  • I don't want to bother project managers with requesting status updates on already completed rows
  • I don't want to bother them with update requests for not yet relevant rows as well
  • I also want to include new rows into existing requests


Right now the only way I see is to adapt the requests whenever the rows to be included change - this is highly inefficient.


My workaround is to have people update reports instead, this allows "moving targets" - however, it doesn't allow update requests, I have to share the reports to do so. Which makes it less convenient in comparison to scheduled update requests.


How do other users handle this? I do not want to share sheets and with respect to completed and not yet active rows this would be somewhat inefficient as well.


  • Kennedy Stomps

    While I don't have any additional suggestions for how to handle this other than the options you've stated above (e.g. using reports), I've added your vote to be able to modify recurring update requests to our enhancement request list. Thanks for your input!

  • Old Man Coyote
    edited 06/23/16

    Thanks, Kennedy :-)

  • false_light

    A refresh on this question- I got to the point of running a report to show 'In Process/Active' activities and having it send status update requests. The problem is that status update request only applies to the items that were on the report at the time the recurring status update request was initially setup and not on the currently displayed report. Is there something I am missing or do I need to do the manual status update request every time the report content changes?

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