Multiple Installation Dates to show on Calendar

edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics


I'm trying to schedule 2 dates form the same line into a calendar. For example. Each time we sell a job, the job has a Part A installation, and a Part B installation. 

With this the line would have Part A Date, Duration and a installer. Same with Part B. The Installer is conditional formatted as a colour to show up in colour in our Calendar.

Is there anyway to have these dates on the same line and for them to both show up in the calendar on the dates. 

If not, is there a solution to this with limiting manual entry?

I.e I know i could create a child job for Part B for example but i want to take as much manual entry as possible away. 

Could I use form entry for the initial entry of the job and then have it create a line and a child line automatically? Or can I program the sheet to automatically create a child job once a line/job has been created to automatically show the dates of Part B for example?