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Here we go!! Ready to roll out our BETA project plan!

Jim Jeffcoat
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2016 Posts

After a couple of weeks learning Smartsheets and simplifying our project plan, we are ready to beta test our PM Lite template.




It's still pretty rough but with a group not use to a formal PM process it should get us started on the right track.


Basically, I have a few sheets developed to help me manage the PMO process...


1. Project Request - A sheet for users to request a new PM Lite project sheet

2. Project Rollup - A project rollup sheet that gives me a quick overview of all projects. (To rollup the key information from a project sheet, I copy and paste with specific row from the project plan and link it to the master. Then I add a link on the rollup row back to the project.)

3. PM Lite Project Plan - A lite version of a project plan. My objective was to keep the new PM on a single page when trying to manage a project. Larger projects use a combination of sheets to manage the project. The challenge was how to rollup the status reporting ability. With tips from  the community, I added a Status Report section and when a PM adds a row to the section, they provide the update on the row , then mark the "Stat Rpt2" column with a checkmark (on the row). My reports look at all projects with the "Stat Rpt2" row checked and pull back the information.


Like I said, it's still pretty rough and some in the organization may expect all the robust features of MS Project or other large PM tools, but we have to walk before we can run.


I'd be interested if others in the community have sample sheets to share. There are a lot of great minds out in the community and I'm always looking to improve!


Your feedback is welcomed.







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