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Hey All,

I love the functionality of a RAID Log inside of excel.  It's simple to move between the tabs and keep up to date with what is going on with my projects.  I'm struggling to find a good way to use Smartsheet in a similar way.  Currently I have made a sheet for each of Risks, Actions, Issues, and Decisions, and I have them stored in a folder and on a Dashboard for quick reference.  But it's not ideal and is still cumbersome to switch between each.  Has anyone found a good solution to use a tool like a RAID log in Smartsheet?


  • Hi Cduncan,

    I use Smartsheet for my RAID log. You can create a filter in the main sheet for open, realised or close risk or whatever the options are that you've got for your status. that way you are only seeing what you want to see per time and not the whole log.

    We have risk, issues, actions and decision sheet separately and filters are applied by each person that has access to the log based on what they need to see - This doesn't in anyway affect the views of others because the filter isn't shared.


    Hope this helps

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  • Paul Newcome
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    I keep all line items on 1 sheet and use reports to break it out by type.

  • Do you have sorting issues with multiple users using the same sheet? For example, I understand filters can be applied on a per-user (collaborator with Edit access) basis, but if one user sorts the sheet and saves, I believe that affects everyone's view. This may depend on the number of users using the sheet, concurrently.

  • I think the ask maybe what I'm wondering as well - Risk/Issues/Decisions/Actions all typically have different fields suited for the purpose of the log. i.e. a Risk log would have columns such as Likelihood, impact, severity, etc. Where a Decision or Action log would not.

    Can columns be hidden or shown based on cell content? For example, on my log I have I-###, R-### to distinguish between issues and risks. If the column "log type" is, say risk, is there a way to have corresponding/selected columns programmatically shown or hidden based on log type?

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  • I agree - It seems like a catch 22 in Smartsheet.

    I can either have one sheet to view all RAID items, but it's going to have a TON of columns. Or I can have broken out sheets be more specific, but then I have to jump between sheets when reviewing the log.