Formula return blank result

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I've attempted multiple times to create a function that result in Blue, Yellow, Green, Red health and it has been unsuccessful. 

Here are the results that I am aiming at: 

On Track > "Complete" "In Progress" = Green

Ahead > "Complete" = Green

Ahead > "In Progress" = Blue

At Risk > "Not Started" "In Progress" = Red

Behind > "In Progress" = Yellow


This is the recent function I attempted with blank result (highlighted) in the image.

=IF(AND([Health | Milestone]3 = "On Track", State3 = "Complete"), "Green", IF(AND([Health | Milestone]3 <> "On Track", TODAY() > [End Date]3), IF(AND([Health | Milestone]3 = "Ahead", State3 = "In Progress"), "Blue", IF(AND([Health | Milestone]3 <> "Ahead", TODAY() < [End Date]3)), IF(AND([Health | Milestone]3 = "At Risk", State3 = "In Progress"), "Red", IF(AND([Health | Milestone]3 = "Behind", State3 = "In Progress"), "Yellow", "")))))


Any suggestions will be appreciated. 


smartsheet blank_result.png


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