Notification only show changed cells

edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

I am sure this should be possible but can't find any direct reference to it:

I have set up notifications and approvals in a workflow as consequences of a request for updates. I would like the notifications (and/or approvals) sent after that update to include only the cells that were updated, in exactly the same way that it is reported in sheets activity log?

Additionally: to encourage the original request for changes or confirmation there is a field for them to complete... "No Changes/Yes changes", Ideally this field would be "required" to force an answer (and therefore enable a trigger, but because it can't be set as required it is an imperfect solution. I've worked around this issue by adding the "Modified By" column and testing for this value, but it seems like it's putting an unneccessary burden on the background testing.


Appreciate any thoughts.