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Date Counter for Weekly Ontime Rate

Jennifer Ford
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2016 Posts

Hi there!

I need some help coming up with two formulas that will count how many times in the week we hit our projected due date and how many times we are early. I already have a hidden column that looks at the date and calculates the week of the year.


I need the fomulas to read something like:

count if 'date completed' is = 'due date' for "W29"

count if 'date completed' is < 'due date' for "W29"


Tried to use some of the existing formulas and minipulate, but they did not work for me. The counter will be connected to another sheet what will give me our % ontime rate.


Below is a screenshot of all my sheet counters that I have so far.


Thank you for looking at this for me!





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