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Integrating smartsheet with slack




Does smartsheet have any plan to integrate with Slack ? We are using smartsheet as a project management tools where we have tasks and sub task with start and finish date. We want to integrate it to Slack for announcements within a team.






  • Kennedy Stomps
    Kennedy Stomps Employee
    edited 07/27/16

    Hi Deepak-- We don't currently have a direct integration with Slack, but this is on our Apps & Integrations request list and I'll add your vote for it! In the meantime, you can integrate Smartsheet and Slack through Zapier. Let me know if you run into any issues with this!

  • Yep, you can add our vote for the Slack integration, too!

  • Kennedy Stomps

    I have added your vote, Galen! Just curious--what functionality would you be looking for with a Slack integration? Or are you looking for the functionality currently available through Zapier without "the middleman" (which is understandable, too!)?

  • Yeah, mostly without the middleman.  It would be great to be able to attach a Slack channel to a Smartsheet sheet so that all the discussion that goes on in Slack could be viewed through that link.


    For example, we make Slack channels for our projects.  We have a project sheet in Smartsheet.  It would be great to connect the two so when we're in Smartsheet we could click on a link or icon and see the entire Slack channel conversation for that particular project without having to leave Smartsheet.  


    The discussions in Smartsheet are OK, but they're not as collaborative as Slack.


    Thanks, Kennedy!

  • Luis Gonzalez

    Indeed would be usefull to get notifications when a comment is reply to you. (or is it a way to filter the notifications for this?)


    Maybe also, to add raws directly from slack.


    I just started to look at the API of smartsheet, maybe using webhooks could be possible


  • Trish Harrison

    We are heavy Slack users and I would love to be able to receive notifications in private Slack channels when new rows or comments are added to a Sheet. Zapier does not allow for private channel integrations at this time. IFTTT does, but there is no Smartsheet triggers in IFTTT... yet? 


    And it would be SUPER cool if I could also update certain fields from Slack... but I'll be happy just to have a native Slack notification integration. 



  • Steve Yeakel

    I'm surprised this isn't done yet.  Doesn't every tool integration with slack?  Smile


    I would like to be able to schedule daily or weekly summaries that automatically post in slack channels identifying tasks that should be in progress/started that day/week.  

  • Juan O'Toole

    Hi Everyone, 


    please add my vote too for this integration. I will be a great one!



  • Eddie Colbeth

    Please add my vote as well!  We need this!

  • Christine G

    Please add a vote for me as well.  I looked into the Zapier integration and it would be useless for what we need. Thank you.

  • Toby Wilson

    Add our vote for a Slack integration also.

  • Peter Blood

    Add my vote for integrating Smartsheet direct with Slack functionality!!!  Let's get this done soon Smartsheet team!!  Thanks!!!!

  • Greg I
    Greg I
    edited 01/23/17

    We have a similar process as others on this thread...  it would be great to associate a Slack channel to a Smartsheet sheet or even Smartsheet row, so that all the discussion that goes on in Slack could be viewed through that link.


    We make Slack channels for our larger projects as it allows for more back and forth / collaboration than what's availabe via the discussions feature in Smartsheet.


    Thanks you!

  • Daniel Wiant
    Daniel Wiant ✭✭✭
    edited 01/31/17

    Any update on this?

  • Bricin
    edited 02/23/17

    Adding my vote as well. A few thoughts:


    1. Our team tries to avoid email except for external communication - Smartsheet notifications via email aren't aligned with that goal.

    2. Other tools like Trello do a nice job of Slack integration allowing for "cards" to show in channels.


    Hope the integration is under way - I would happily remove email notifications in favor of Slack notifications.

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