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Formula return Column date plus 7 days IF column value is less than 3

Julian Fox
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2016 Posts



I am new to smartsheet (spreadsheets in general) and I am trying to create a task list sets a due 7 days after a task was created if the priority of that task is less than 3.


The formula i have so far is: =IF([Priority]1 < 3), [Created]1 + 7 


I get an error saying Missing or invalid parameters. I'm not sure what im doing wrong exactly.


My formula is trying to say: IF Column 'Priority' is less than 3, Insert date from Column 'Created' and add 7 days. 


The created column is a Auto-Number/System Created (date) column. and the Priority column is a drop down list with numbers 1-5.


Any help here would be greatly appreciated.


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