Show Conditional Formatting/Cell format on Automated Alerts

I have built an automated alert that determines which columns to include from a large Smartsheet which uses the max 200 columns based on a number of parameters held within certain rows on the sheet. This works well. However the issue I have is that I have conditional formatting contained within certain columns in the Smartsheet that aren't displayed on the automatically generated alerts.

Currently I send these rows out manually which requires me to manually select which rows to include based on those same parameters - a time consuming process prone to human errors - however the conditional formatting contained within the Smartsheet comes through.

Please can the formatting contained within the row be reflected in the automatically generated alert?

In more general terms it would be helpful if the formatting of the 'Enter a Custom Subject' and 'Describe this alert for your team' as displayed on the alert generated would mirror their equivalents in the manual send row notifications, 'Subject' and 'Message'. Currently in the manual send row notifications the width of these is kept the same as the fields populated by the fields in the Smartsheet whereas the 'Enter a Custom Subject' and 'Describe this alert for your team' fields from the automatically generated alerts spread across the whole email which doesn't match the width of the fields populated by the fields in the Smartsheet.

Attached screenshots show the formatting when sending the row manually versus when sending using the automation of the same row to demonstrate the differences.

Send Row Manual.PNG

Send Row Automated.PNG