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I need help with an AverageIF formula. SmartSheet support gave me this formula for help: =AVERAGEIF([Column6]1:[Column6]22, >0).

Essentially, I want the formula to give me the average of the numbers in the Time-to-Fill (Working Days) column BUT ONLY if they list Human Resources in the Department column. 

I wrote this formula: =AVERAGEIF([Time-to-Fill (working days)]16:[Time-to-Fill (working days)]32, Department:Department = "Human Resources")

But all it's coming back with is "0". I even tried with a different Department and still "0".

Please can someone help!!

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    I haven't really delved into the averageif formula yet, so here is another way to achieve the same result.


    =avg(collect([Time-to-Fill (working days)]16:[Time-to-Fill (working days)]32,Department:Department, "Human Resources"))


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    after a quick look at the averageif documentation, the formula goes


    averageif(range, criteria, return range)


    Range: is the range you are checking for the criteria

    Criteria: is the criteria for the previously specified range

    return range: is the associated column you would like to average

    AVERAGEIF(Department16:Department32, "Human Resources",Time-to-Fill (working days)]16:[Time-to-Fill (working days)]32)

    Try that.